Questions & Answers

Trying something new and maybe out of your comfort zone can be scary and you may feel apprehensive. Coming for a Reiki treatment should be a pleasurable experience and so I have decided to give some simple information on what you can expect so that when you arrive you are calm and ready for your Reiki experience.

Here are some questions you may have:-

Will I have to undress?

No, Reiki is an energy and therefore can pass through clothing and blankets so no undressing is required. Just wear something comfortable for lying down in and relaxing.

Will I have to lay down on a couch?

Ideally yes as it is the most comfortable for both the client and myself, however if this causes you a problem then you can receive Reiki whilst sitting in a chair, a wheelchair or on your own bed. Whatever works best for you and allows me adequate access.

Do I have to come to you?

Again ideally yes because I have the room here for you to enjoy, however if this is not possible or you would prefer to recieve a treatment in your own home then I will generally be able to come to you.

Do I have to do anything during the treatment?

All that is asked of you during the treatment is to relax, close your eyes and enjoy. It also helps if you can remain open minded so that you recieve the full Reiki experience. However if during the treatment you are uncomfortable with anything then you only have to say and we can try and work around it. I want you to enjoy your Reiki treatment so just let me know if you are worried about anything.

Does Reiki involve touch?

Reiki is traditionally a hands on healing practice, however it can also be given by holding the hands above the body in the persons aura. During a treatment you will probably get a bit of both depending on how I am feeling your energies. Please rest assured that private areas are never treated by hands on and will always be above the body. Generally you will have a nice soft blanket over you so body contact is very little, maybe just on the head. If you have an issue with touch for any reason then please let me know and I will work in the aura throughout.

I am pregnant can I still recieve Reiki?

Receiving Reiki during pregnance is a wonderful experience because of course the baby will also recieve as well as mum. All I would ask is that you check with your midwife to make sure she is happy for you to.

Can you treat people with chronic illnesses?

The simple answer to this is Yes. I have Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis and have had both for many years. Giving myself daily Reiki sessions has helped to reduce my daily pain and fatigue levels and also enhance my emotional state. I have a real desire to help others who suffer on a daily basis from pain, fatigue or stress and I believe that using the loving healing touch of Reiki can make a real difference to their lives. If you have any chronic illnesses then I would always advise just checking with your doctor/specialist before coming for a treatment but really Reiki can only do good and work for your higher good so there are no risks.

Can someone with Cancer be treated?

Yes again and this could also be to help the client with the side affects of their Cancer treatment, e.g. nausea and fatigue. Again Reiki will only work for the persons highest good and at the very least should give the client a wonderful relaxing hour and help then to destress a little. I do not in any way claim to be able to heal anyone that is not what I am about but if healing does take place on any level then it is because the client has recieved the Reiki which channels through me and has used it themselves for their highest good. I cannot treat anyone with Cancer unless I have permission from their treating specialist that it is OK for me to do so.

There may be other questions you have so please let me know and I will add them to the list.