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Reiki Treatment        £35.00

A full one hour Reiki treatment where I will cover the whole body from top to toe ending with a chakra balance. A wonderful healing and relaxing treatment which at the very least should leave you feeling relaxed and wonderfully refreshed. ( The first session will be a little longer to allow a discussion and medical history to be taken)

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® treatment  £35.00

This treatment takes one hour and will be specifically tailored intuitively to your energy needs. The format is the same as a full Reiki treatment and the full body will be treated.

Soul Plan Reading  £65.00

A personal Soul Plan based on your birth name, presented in a bound folder. The cost includes 2-3 hours preparation time for me to produce the plan, a face to face meeting to discuss the plan, usually 1.5hrs and a beautifully presented folder which includes all of your reading for you to take away. A non refundable deposit of £25 will be required when a reading is booked and remainder of payment to be made on the day of the reading. (18 years and over only)

Reiki Share Evenings   Donation Only

Two hours of sharing Reiki with fellow practitioners, both giving and receiving. Also time to talk all things Reiki and ask questions in a fully supported space. Reiju will also be given and refreshments will be provided.

Cost: Just a donation of your choosing to cover hire and refreshment costs please.

Personal Sound Healing Session   £40.00

to start later in 2020

Using the wonderful Crystal Bowls, Himalayan/Tibetan Bowls and the Gong, you will be bathed in a sea of healing sound and vibration. I will intuitively choose which sounds will help you most, to help you to heal on every level. A wonderful healing and a totally relaxing session to heal body and soul. One hour session.

Couples Sound Bath Session  £60.00

To start later in 2020

Why not spend a totally relaxing and healing hour with a loved one being bathed in the wonderful sounds and vibrations of the Crystal Bowls, Himalayan/Tibetan Bowls and the Gong. The session will start with making sure you are both comfortable on the mats and cosy under the blankets and end with some grounding dark chocolate and water.  Sheer bliss!

Small Group Sound Bath  £20.00 each

To start later in 2020

With a maximum of four people you will experience one and a half hours of total relaxation and healing. Made comfortable and cosy with mats, pillows and blankets you will experience a short guided meditation, followed by 45 to 50 minutes of sound vibrations from the Crystal Bowls, Himalayan/Tibetan Bowls and the Gong. Then you will spend time enjoying the energy in the room along with a hot or cold drink and grounding dark chocolate. A lovely session for a small group of friends. (a minimum of three and maximum or four)

Sound Bath for healing and relaxation

More to follow on this item in the future.

All clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (Parent / Carer or other) for treatments and training. If you would really like to have a Reiki treatment but you do not have the funds for it then please contact me and we can discuss options for you.

Disclaimer: Reiki is a natural method of energy balancing for the purpose of relaxation. Whilst many people have reported physical and emotional benefits from Reiki sessions, I cannot promise or guarantee any particular result. Reiki is intended to be a supplement to, not a substitute for medical or psychological care and treatment. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatment, make any claims or guarantees, prescribe therapies, remedies or medication, or interfere with any form of treatment prescribed by a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you seek a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.