Why Reiki?

I, like many of you had heard the word Reiki but I just thought it was one of those "airie fairy" type things that other people did but not for me. That was a few years ago and ended when I slipped a disc in my back and a friend organised for me to have some Reiki sessions. From the first session I knew that I wanted to learn Reiki for myself. I had suffered with Fibromyalgia for many years and I thought it would help me to help myself. However life has a way of leading us and it was another 6 years before I thought of Reiki again.

This time I wanted to help my husband who had suffered some brain damage after an accident. He has terrible headaches and I wanted to help him so I started to look around for a Reiki Master to train me. Once I found her I eagerly signed up for a Reiki 1 course. From the moment I was attuned to Reiki and felt it channeling through my hands I knew this is what I wanted to do. Reiki 1 is all about self- treatment and I gave myself a full Reiki treatment every day and very soon I began to feel positive results. Four months later I received my Reiki 2 training and then things really began to take off. Reiki 2 is the “Practitioner's” level which means I can treat other people on a professional basis but self- treatment is still a big part of my daily life. I carried on feeling positive results with my pain management and fatigue levels. I was also able to help my husband with his issues and treat family and friends even if it was only to let them experience the complete relaxation which a Reiki session brings.

In April 2016 I felt ready to take the next step and spent 5 wonderful days in Glastonbury training with Torsten Lange from the Reiki Academy London and left with my Reiki Master Certificate.

I now run my Reiki business Reiki Rose Healing Energies and I so enjoy sharing the wonderful energy of Reiki with my clients.. I especially want to help people with chronic pain conditions. I want to help them to experience some relief from their pain as I know how important this is. However everyone deserves some "me time" and with Reiki you can experience a fully relaxing session which will set you up for the rest of the day and the effects can last long after you go home.

Reiki treats the person holistically on several levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. By balancing these levels the body is then able to start healing itself. Therefore we all have the ability to heal ourselves by receiving Reiki. Life in general is stressful and this has an adverse effect on our bodies. If stress is allowed to accumulate then it can cause disease and illness in us and we just don't function as well as we should. By receiving Reiki it helps to lower the stress levels and then goes on to help break down the blockages in our systems which are caused by amongst other things illness of not only our physical bodies but also our emotional and spiritual states as well. Basically it gives us a complete clear-out and the aim eventually is to leave the body in the state it is meant to be, with no pain or disease.


A little something about me.

Here I am with my dog Max

My name is Karen and I live in South Cerney with my husband.

I am looking forward to bringing the wonderful healing energy of Reiki to as many people as possible.

Although you do not have to be dealing with injury or illness to benefit from Reiki I especially want to try and help people who deal with chronic pain daily as I have also lived with fibromyalgia for many years and I know just how much Reiki can help.

My dog Max also loved receiving Reiki and would even ask for it by cuddling up to me and pushing at my hands, when he had enough he just moved away or even better fell asleep. I hold the loving memory of Max in my heart after we lost him in April 2019.