Soul Plan

The meaning behind your life

What is Soul Plan?

A Soul Plan reading uses the energies of the sounds of the letters of your own birth name to give you direction on the challenges, talents and goals you decided on before incarnating into the physical world.

All sounds have an energy or vibration to them and the letters of your name are no different. These vibrations have been incorporated into a system using the ancient Hebrew alphabet, glyphs, numerology and astrology. By understanding this system we are able to see just what your soul decided on for this incarnation, what it wanted to learn from and experience, what talents it would have to help achieve its goals and overall what it wanted to bring to this lifetime to achieve its Soul Plan.

By deciphering your Soul Plan you will be able to help yourself to remember in this physical state what your Soul already knows.

Great healing can come by just understanding that you decided on your trials and tribulations of this lifetime so that you can experience the emotions, learn from the challenges and hopefully use your talents to achieve exactly what you came here to do.

How do I obtain my own Soul Plan reading?

To enable me to produce a Soul Plan I need only your original birth name, exactly as it appears on your original birth certificate. Then it will generally take me two to three hours of work to produce the plan for you. When it is completed we would meet in my studio for anywhere between one hour to one and a half hours to discuss the plan and for us to explore the many different aspects of it. This in itself can have a deeply healing effect, it can help remove blockages in your energetic system which may be holding you back from realising your true potential and it can inspire you in ways which may never have occurred to you to become all that you can be. You will be presented with your Soul Plan to take away as it is something which will resonate with you on many levels and over time.

Why ?


Have you ever wondered why certain people, places or situations keep turning up in your life? Maybe you are asking yourself “what is this life all about?” From the day we are born we are slowly shown by others how to fit into society and what is acceptable and what isn’t. There are rules to be upheld and belief systems to structure how we live. The people closest to us teach us the primary rules and then usually the education system takes over to form our knowledge base. All of this depends on where in the world you are born and into what culture or religion you are immersed into.

Then one day you realise you are now an adult and new opportunities and values are placed into your world. What will we do to make a living, where will we live, will we join with another and form a family unit, will we have children? All of these options will require a level of commitment to another person, bills will have to be paid and food and comforts need to be obtained and maintained. Responsibility looms large along with the stresses which can be attached to it all. Our world is definitely a material world where “things” are required and indeed desired.

Then as we reach around 35 to 45 years and maybe our families are leaving the nest and finding their own wings, our minds turn to what is it all about? By now it is usual, although not always, to be in a more financially stable position, our career is usually chosen and we are working through this system but the responsibility of the family has eased some. And yet we are only at mid-life in age and the future looms ahead, what is to be done with it? This is usually the time when we start to look at the deeper picture and wonder just what this life is really about. Is it just about moving through the different stages and hoping that we have done OK? Or is there something deeper to be explored, answers to find. Why are we here and what do we have to learn from this experience called life?

If you have a religious faith then that system will usually supply you with its own answers. If you have no faith then you may simply believe that we are born, live and die and that is all there is. There are millions of theories out there to be explored if you feel the need to and many pathways may open up for you, however usually the golden question is “who am I and what am I here for”.

A soul plan reading may just be able to help you to understand part or even all of this question. It will be able to explain many things which have been experienced in your life so far and indeed give an indication of so called future experiences and challenges which you may face. It will explain what gifts/tools/talents you have which will be used to help you deal with these situations and it will show where you are heading, what your goals in life are and indeed what your soul purpose in being incarnated into this world is.

How can it do this? Does this mean our lives are pre-determined? Do we not have free will and choice, well of course we do and no our pathway through life is not set in stone. There will be many many paths to travel and choices to make and each decision may send us off into a new perspective. A soul plan reading is not going to tell you what to do or what choices to make, however when you receive a soul plan reading many aspects of your life will start to make sense to you and an understanding will be found of how to move forward and where and indeed what your life could have in store for you if you embrace your soul destiny and reach you true potential. It can help you to clear limiting beliefs which may be holding you back, it can certainly help with healing old emotions which no longer serve you and it can install a deep level of empowerment and clarity about the road ahead.