Sound Healing

I first experienced a sound healing session about 5 years ago and was completely blown away with the wonderful sound and vibrations coming from the Gong being played. Since then I have experienced many Gong Baths and always leave feeling totally relaxed and yet also weirdly energised. I decided early on that this was something I wanted to be able to provide for not only myself but others too.

So now I am qualified and am very excited to be planning to provide this type of healing therapy to individuals, couples and small groups.  I hope that in the future I may be able to provide sound baths for larger groups, I shall see where the Universe leads me.

So, what is sound healing?

We all know how wonderful listening to music is and how it can calm us, relax us or indeed energise us. Sound of all types produces vibrations which are felt by us on a cellular level within our bodies but of course some sounds do not make us feel good and some are just downright jarring. Music usually has a positive effect on our minds and bodies and of course we all like different types of music which makes total sense as we are all individuals and there is no "one size fits all".

Our bodies are made up of an amazing percentage of water and if you have ever watched a bowl of water respond to sound you will see just what an amazing reaction it can have. There are many videos available on the internet which show the wonderful changes which take place with the water when they are exposed to vibration and sound.  Therefore it makes sense that our bodies will respond in the same way. A sound healing session or sound bath will immerse you in a sea of pure sound and vibration without any need for  getting wet and you will float away into another place of absolute relaxation whilst the music aims to balance out the energies of your physical and non-physical bodies.  It will start by slowing down your mind chatter, then it will start to relax the body and soon you will slip into a state of total relaxation.  Meanwhile without any effort on your part the sounds and vibrations will be working through you at cellular level to bring about a state of balance and wellbeing.  Clearing through your energetic body, working on breaking down unwanted stagnant energies you will be safely immersed in a bubble of sound and vibration where you can experience relaxation, rejuvenation and sonic waves of joy and bliss.

In my sessions I will be using the Sacred Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls and the amazing Himalayan Singing Bowls. To find out more head to the page marked "services".